Public Disclosure Statement

Frontier Home Health, LLC created this Public Disclosure Statement in order to demonstrate the terms and conditions of our commitment to all interested parties. Anyone has the right to request information about the ownership group and our Professional Advisory Board.

Frontier Home Health is owned and operated by Larry Russell, whose past and present interest has been to provide excellent care to our patients and family members and to operate business using the highest ethical business practices.
Any patient or interested parties have the right to obtain information on the licensing, credentialing and the services provided by our Agency.  Frontier Home Health, LLC’s philosophy, mission and purpose can be found in all of our informational brochures, the Patient Information Handbook and posted at our place of business. Our philosophy is extended to our patient and family members, our vendors, our provider partners (physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities etc.) and to every governmental, civic, religious and voluntary agency/organization in one of our service areas. We publicly disclose the methods by which we protect our patient’s rights and the ethical standard by which we conduct our business and clinical programs. A copy of specific information me be requested in writing per the HIPAA Regulatory Standards.