Frontier Home Health

Frontier Home Health Services

At Frontier Home Health our skilled nurses and therapists provide a wide variety of services for children and adults.

How do patients get home health services?

Patients, family members, or any health care provider can request home health care.

If you think home health would be helpful, either talk with your doctor or nurse, or call our office. Together we can determine if you or your loved one is eligible to receive services.

Who pays for home health services?

Medicare, Medicaid and managed care/private insurance plans cover many of the heathcare services provided in the home. Frontier Home Health accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurance plans.

How do patients qualify for home health services?

Patients may need home health care if they have four or more of these qualifiers:

Is generally home-bound, or is temporarily home-bound due to an illness or surgery, with limited community support.

Has been hospitalized several times and/or made several times and/or made several visits to the ER/Urgent Care

Is taking more than 7 medications

Has a history of mental illness

Requires assistance walking, eating, dressing and /or bathing

Has significant memory loss

Is incontinent

Has been diagnosed with CHF, COPD, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or other chronic diseases

Has a history of falls

Requires assistance with oxygen and/or nebulizer